The Middle Class Financial Empowerment Project
How You Can Help Solve the Shrinking Middle Class Problem
and Earn a TON of Money Doing It

First, consider how the middle class is shrinking:

Next, consider how the gap between rich (CEOs and S&P Index) and poor (average worker pay) is rising:

....and all we are getting from the government is lip service:

We are not waiting around for the government. The Middle Class Financial Empowerment Project (MCFEP) is part of an economic research project designed to explore grassroots lead options on how to solve the shrinking middle class problem. The premise of this project is the fact that Middle class America can no longer rely on the government and business to offer viable solutions to address the shrinking middle class. Viable solutions must grow from ground-up lead by an aggressive grassroots wealth building and financial empowerment campaign. This is the focus of the Middle Class Financial Empowerment Project.

What Part Will You Play?
Start by considering President Kennedy's mission to be the first nation to land on the moon in the 1960s. This mission sprung engineering and scientific breakthroughs that enabled the U.S. to lead in semiconductor and integrated circuitry technology for years. Government subsidies associated with this mission included generous grants and funding to encourage students to study engineering and other scientific subjects. From this mission, the U.S. lead the world economically for years and created countless jobs, businesses and economic opportunities. A more recent economic engine was the "dot com" boom, which began in the mid 90s.

The Middle Class Financial Empowerment Project operates to a mission that will create countless new innovations, businesses, economic opportunities and massive wealth for many. However, instead of the government, this project originates in the grassroots sector where thousands upon thousands of professionals from all walks of life and professional disciplines collaborate to carry out the operational mission and objectives of the project.

What part will you play? You can start earning income IMMEDIATELY by learning more and contributing professionally to this project. You can choose from a multitude of online production areas including, but not limited to administration, business development, computers, internet marketing, management, social media, software, etc. Because of the large scale, economic scope of this project and the fact you are at the ground floor, your income is only limited by your attention to detail and the value of your professional contribution.

All you need to get started is:

Access to the internet;

5 to 7 hours per week; and

An open mind and a willingness to learn.

Get started NOW.


What is MCFEP
What is the Middle Class Financial Empowerment Project

Think OCCUPY WALL STREET, but instead of holding up picket signs, marching in the streets and complaining about the 1%, this Middle Class Financial Empowerment Project encourages grassroots individuals to collaborate over the internet and grow new wealth building resources from ground-up. It's like social networking, but with a business and income production twist. It's formally called Social Production. According to the Institute of the Future, social production is “production that draws on contributions from large networks of people, enabled by social technologies, to create new kinds of wealth.” Take a closer look:

"Mass Collaboration Changes Everything"
Source: Wikinomics, How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything by Don Tascott and Anthony D. Williams
"The growing accessibility of information technologies puts the tools required to collaborate, create value, and compete at everybody's fingertips. This liberates people to participate in innovation and wealth creation within every sector of the economy. Millions of people already join forces in self-organized collaborations that produce dynamic new goods and services that rival those of the world's best-financed enterprises"

Source: Wikinomics, How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything by Don Tascott and Anthony D. Williams

MCFEP Summary Statement
How Your Should View the MCFEP as a Social Production Environment
When you join and participate in the Middle Class Financial Empowerment Project, you are choosing to participate in an online social production environment. As a social production participant, you join a network of individuals who are using the internet and collaborative tools to network and collaborate, according to specific business plans and business models, for the purpose of producing new wealth building solutions from ground-up and using that wealth to financially empower themselves away from the old "industrial age" limitations of hourly and wage based compensation. The wealth building solutions are 100% generated within the social production environment and does not rely on big corporations, banks, venture capitalist, government, non-profits or any other traditional source of capital or wealth building solutions.

This project comes alive via the MCFEP Financial Empowerment Model shown below.


How It Works
Your 3 Steps to Financially Empowerment

Review the three (3) steps of the MCFEP Financial Empowerment Model:

The MCFEP Financial Empowerment Model
Big, Bold, Disruptive and Transformative
You can complete as many steps as you choose:

Step 1 (Understand the MCFEP Social Production Environment): You interact professionally with others online according to mutually beneficial business plans and business models, earn income and build wealth in mutually beneficial collaboration with others. The bottom line: if you can log into Facebook and engage in social networking activities, you can log into the MCFEP social networking production environment, earn income and build wealth.

Step 2 (Position Yourself in the MCFEP Cyberspace Corporation): Social production comes alive in the form staffing and running a cyberspace corporation online:

  • You position yourself as a part time independent consultant or contractor within your field of expertise or field of interest (i.e. administration, business development, computers, internet marketing, management, social media, software, etc). Part time means an average of 5 to 7 hours per week over the internet;

  • Next, you study business plan documentation online. This documentation will show you how you can collaborate with other participants, contribute professionally to business development projects and earn income online within the 5 to 7 hours per week time allocation. You earn income depending on the value of your professional contribution to online project activity and, as you will learn, there are many simple and advanced income production options.

Step 3 (Build Financial Independence): Over time and after consistent part time participation, you will be earning enough income to pay down bills, build up savings and generally build a financial foundation leading away from paycheck to paycheck dependence. Your ultimate objective is to position yourself financially to comfortably say --- WHY WORK FOR A MERE WAGE OR SALARY IF I NO LONGER HAVE TO? From this point, you will have the option to participate in advanced collaboration options, start a new business and/or design your work options. In other words, FINANCIAL EMPOWERMENT.

Just plug in and get started.


Get Involved
Which Participation/Support Options Will You Choose

Get involved. Support the growth and expansion of this project. Choose from one of the following options:

Option #1 (Support the MCFEP Early Fundraiser): Support the MCFEP fundraiser. You do it by reviewing these educational and consumer product options.

Option #2 (Register as an MCFEP Member). Register here. Upon registering, you will be directed to follow-on participation instructions. Register NOW.

Option #3 (Offer Your Feedback): We need your feedback. Offer your comments below and/or on our facebook fan page;

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